Bimini Island

Flights Information


Opa Locka Airport
14950 N.W. 44th Court, Suite #16
Opa Locka, FL 33054
United States
Phone: (305) 685-9634
Phone: (786) 251-4345


1 Air Terminal Parkway
Melbourne, FL 32901
United States
Phone: (877) 393-2510


South Bimini Airport
South Bimini
Phone: (242) 347-4300


14150 S.W. 129th Street Miami, FL 33186
United States
Phone: (305) 741-0489

Tour Breakdown

Tour 1:

  • Half Day (4 hours) $650 Swim with The Swimming Pigs, Visit a Sandbar, find sand dollars, sea shells, Snorkel the Coral Reefs and See the sea turtles from on the boat.
  • Full Day (7 hours) $1,100 you can also snorkel a Ship Wreck, Cliff Jump, Swim in Underwater Cave, and Visit Beautiful Pink Sand Beaches

Tour 2:

  • Half Day (4 hours) $750 Swim and Hand Feed the Sea Turtles, Swim with the Swimming Pigs, Snorkeling Coral Reef and Hand Feed the Fish , Visit a Getaway Lagoon and Rope Swing into the water.
  • Full Day (7 hours) $1,200 you can also take pictures in the Wooden Swing and the Famous Tree in the Ocean, visit the Conch Shell Wall, Swim in a Underwater Cave And Explore some of the most Beautiful Pink Sand Beaches in the World

Tour 3:

  • Half Day $750 (Conch Diving) Harvesting Conchs from the bottom of the sea floor and your Captain making you some of the best Conch Salad you’ll ever eat
    and Snorkeling Coral Reefs

Tour 4:

  • Half Day $750 Deep Sea Ocean Fishing

Tour 5

  • Half Day $700 Reef Bottom Fishing Yellowtails , Snappers and much more